Projects/Performances 2013

past/present/future projects and performances in 2013:

Weave 2013

Weave – an alternative mass arts residency
Brussels, 29 September – 07 October

We are now accepting applications from risk-taking, curious and involved professionals who are open to commit to an intense and exploratory process within an intricate community setting. Suitable applicants are selected on a first come first serve basis and our application deadline is Sunday 15 September.

7 days
60 artists
1 abandoned building
the focus: community and improvisation

In September 2013, sixty professional dance, theatre and performance artists from across the globe will come together for one week in a huge abandoned factory building in Brussels. They will meet and form a temporary community within which they will play, question, and perform together in order to explore the interaction of improvisation and community.

How do you conceive to strengthen a community through the practice of improvisation?

 Artistic team: Antoine Dutrieu (Brussels), Rebeca FL – Bottlefed (London/Madrid), David Lakein (Chicago/Berlin), Kathrin Yvonne Bigler – Bottlefed (London/Bern), Xavier Lucy (Brussels)



Das ipod-Orakel / The ipod oracle
Munich:  Dance- and Performancefestival 23 -25 August 2013

Bottlefed – Kathrin Yvonne Bigler und Rebeca Fernandez Lopez

Dem Überfluss und Druck ständiger Selbstoptimierung unserer Zeit wird hier bewusst ein reduziertes Performanceformat gegenübergestellt, das verstärkt einzelne Begegnungen sowie Momente der Intimität und Sinnlichkeit betont. Das ipod-Orakel wird als zweisames Ritual praktiziert, um einen Dialog zu schaffen. Münchnerinnen und Münchner sind dazu eingeladen, persönliche Fragen und Wünsche zu formulieren und sich in der Eigendynamik von Zuhören und Analysieren einer transzendenten Offenbarung hinzugeben.



Bottlefed in collaboration with visual artist Mohéna Kuehni
1 February – Durational Performance at Transform  (Versuchsanordnung 2), Bern.

Performance: Nicolas Dauwalder (Sound), Sarah Haug, Sara Rassouli, Daniel Vom Keller, Li Tavor, Marcel Schwald, Lukas Acton, Mohéna Kühni, Kathrin Yvonne Bigler

melanos: black – melan: ink – topos : place

‘Noircir’: Das Dunkle, die Melancholie, die Träume, die Phantasmen schaffen sich Platz, bis der ganze Raum in Schwarz getaucht ist. Tinte ist das Medium des Schreibens und Zeichnens, zwei Aktivitäten, um Spuren zu hinterlassen, um Geschichte und Geschichten zu erzählen.

Wird dieser Raum tatsächlich eine Projektionsfläche oder schafft das Abdunkeln des Raums einen Projektionsraum?

‘Noircir’: Darkness, melancholy, dreams, phantasms make space for themselves until the room is completely dipped in black. Ink is the medium for writing and drawing; two activities for leaving traces, recounting history and telling stories.

Will this room actually turn into a projection surface or does the darkening create a space for projection?




Jan to Jul – ‘Das Kulturbüro @ Manuelschule – Bern

Bottlefed, in partnership with Manuelschule, were selected by the educational authorities of Berne to run a semester-long cultural project as part of its new arts and education programme tête-à-tête. An empty class room is transformed into a cultural office: A port of call, a place to exchange, inspire, ignite and bring together cultural creations within the school. The project involves 5 core classes from all different year groups, who will create their own work to be presented at a school festival in July.
BF tete-a-tete page

Autumn 2012 – Upcoming international projects

 Pas de Deux team

Autumn 2012


25 & 26 Oct – Pas de Deux – Fribourg & Bern

Kathrin and Rebeca have been working with pianist Florian Favre on an improvised duet between body and piano: A pianist and a dancer enter a joint journey to create an instant composition. As the piece advances, a ‘Pas-de-Deux’ unfolds between the two which carries the connotations of Tango and Waltz; both improvisation-based partner dances. Following a kick-off performance in Zurich in September, they will now perform the work at BeJazz and La Spirale Fribourg.
La Spirale /  BeJazz

28 – 31 Oct – Auf der Suche nach Deinem Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Bottlefed will be back in Luxembourg after a successful first phase at the Lycee Aline Mayrisch last spring. Together with a group of young people, they will create a short piece inspired by public sites in Luxembourg, and which will be performed at Traffo/Carré Rotondes. The main topic is the exploration of the sense of listening: Be that through the ears as well as the entire body. The group will be exploring public sites and ‘take’ their findings back into the studio, where they will create a performance piece that reflects their city, its noises, silences, rhythms and melodies.
Carre Rotondes programme


3 & 4 Nov – Alphotopia @ Festival de l’imprimerie éphémère – Brussels

As part of this special festival in a defunct printing factory, Rebeca and Kathrin will be collaborating with Belgian artists Antoine Dutrieu and Anne-Francoise Raskin on a 48-hour intervention. Alphotopia explores the topics of Utopia/Dystopia/Heterotopia in a durational, performative format.
Festival Website

16 Nov – Bulle de Silence @ WIELS contemporary arts centre – Brussels

Rebeca will be collaborating with Belgian dance & video artist Antoine Dutrieu to develop a duet as part of the symposium ‘Un des Sens: Le Toucher’. Silence within a relationship: What type of space does it open up? And what horizons of meaning are revealed by the exploration of it? Through experiences around touch and dance, the artists will strive to deepen these primordial ties that unite us and offer a vision of silent complicity.

DATES – ‘Streiträume’ – workshops @ ZHDK

Bottlefed has been invited to run a part of the final year project/module ‘Streiträume’ with the 3rd year BA students (directing, acting, drama education, scenography, dramaturgy) at ZHDK Zurich ( Together with the students Kathrin will look into possible formats of how to use interpersonal and creative friction and the art of arguing in an artistic process. Based on Bottlefed’s multidisciplinary approach and intimate but uncompromising style of creating ensemble performance, the students will be encouraged to take a stand for their own artistic voice and point of view. The final performance event will take place at Gessnerallee Zurich on 13 December.

Upcoming Performance Dates


Bottlefed &Traffo/Carré Rotondes: In search of your Luxembourg

Bottlefed have been invited to run a performance project in two parts with young people from Luxembourg. The first week will see us spend the spring holidays together exploring the research question ‘What is your Luxembourg?’. Through a range of activites that will take place both inside a studio as well as in the public realm of Luxembourg, the young people will explore what places are important to them, what they are proud of, where they feel cosy, and ultimately, what they would show two strangers who experience their city for the first time.

What stories, experiences, smells, sounds, images can be brought back into the studio? What senses do we experience public spaces with? And which senses enable us to process these tasters and present them to the public?

The results of this initial week will be developed further in part two, which will happen at Carré Rotondes in autumn 2012.



Hold Me Until You Break
At Brunel Museum tunnel/shaft with Björk-collaborator Manu Delago playing the Hang, 8 September 8pm.

Meet Me Far From Gravity
Pop-up accidental dance performances in public spaces across 8 London boroughs, 15 August until 13 September. A New Audiences London commission.



Transform – Bottlefed presents: The Hangover-Lounge, 4.12.2011, 5-8pm

As part of Transform, an interdisciplinary art project with consequences at Gutenbergstrasse 10a, Bern, we present ‘The Hangover Lounge’: Following the opening night of the space, we will work with the day-after-feeling that might be encompassed by a hangover. Party leftovers won’t be cleaned away and guests are welcome to share and celebrate hangovers of any kind.

On Sunday 4.12.2011 from 17-20h, Bottlefed invites audiences to the Lounge and its different activities ranging from foot massages, hearty soups to bloody maries and, above all, exclusive one-on-one advice by our hangover expert Figo: Figo celebrates like no other and doesn’t know hangovers: Predisposition or the right means to avoid them? Come along and get advice!

Pure Pleasure Seekers
Research residency at Tuchlaube Aarau in November/December. Work in progress sharings on 3 and 9 December 2011 at 10pm. In collaboration with Fabian Kalker. More info on:

Hold Me Until You Break
Festival Heimspiel 2012, Dampfzentrale Bern. Performances in collaboration with Philipp Moll ( and Lawrence Williams.
Saturday 25 February 2012, 8pm & Sunday 26 February 2012, 7pm

More info on:



Feitaboogie Improvisation Festival – Bergen
HUSET youth performance project – Askoy


Audition opportunity


3 dance performers experienced in Tango and Contemporary dance wanted for Cross-Borough, site-specific performance project in London

We are currently looking for three performers experienced in Tango, contact improvisation and contemporary dance, to work on an exciting commission that will run over the months of July-September across London. We will hold an audition on 3 July in London and are inviting eligible artists to apply.

Project Description
Bottlefed have been commissioned to create and perform 4 site-specific pieces to be presented over 16 public locations across 8 London boroughs. The work will be a combination of Tango Argentino and Bottlefed’s own blend of contemporary dance and theatre styles.

Rehearsals will run over 2 weeks (week 1: 18-22 July, week 2: 15-19 August) and the 16 performances will take place on various dates between 16 August-15 September (exact dates to be confirmed asap). Performers will need to be available for ALL dates. This is a fully paid project.

Person Spec
We are looking for versatile performers with a solid knowledge of the leaders’ role of Tango Salón. Ideally, we would like to cast both genders and are therefore particularly interested in women who are experienced tango leaders. Alongside Tango, the performers need to have a professional background in contemporary dance and improvisation as well as contact improvisation, and be well-versed in ensemble-based creation processes.

Please email your CV and links to any show reels to and state clearly in your application as to what role in Tango you are experienced with. We will be accepting applications until 20 June.

The audition will take place on Sunday 3 July, and we ask you to keep that day free. Successful candidates will be contacted the latest by 27 June with all the necessary audition info.

Summer 2011

Bottlefed will take time off performing this summer to concentrate on researching (including an extensive dance research trip across Argentina), writing and preparing for upcoming projects.

Our next public appearances will be in Germany, Switzerland and the UK:

Bottlefed have been invited to deliver a lecture on our work at the German Dramaturges Society and the Institute for Theatre Management at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Swiss art institutions ‘Tuchlaube’ and ‘Stapferhaus’ have commissioned Bottlefed to devise a performance based on the gallery’s ‘digital life’ exhibition for September 2011.

We are happy to have received the XBorough London commission, a New Audiences London project. Watch this space to be updated on performance dates in August/September – we’ll be performing in various public locations all over London!

Our next London performance of our award winning piece ‘Hold Me Until You Break’ will be on 8 September 2011 @Brunel Museum (in the underground tunnel) and in collaboration with Hang player Manu Delago.

Bottlefed in Aarau

Bottlefed will be spending a week in sunny Aarau in Switzerland from 18 – 21 April rehearsing, researching and playing. Working in partnership with Tuchlaube and Stapferhaus, they will create a piece over the course of summer with a newly established local theatre group which will be performed in September 2011.