Ewan Campbell – Matías Hancke de la Fuente (UK)
Ewan and Matías are London based composers who met at King’s College London while studying Composition. In addition to writing music, they are also performers: Ewan is a cellist and Matías performs with a laptop. Their interest in expanding their own musical possibilities, integrating acoustic and electronic sounds and exploring the boundaries between composed and improvised ideas, drove them to start an ongoing artistic partnership. As such, the duo has performed in several dissimilar venues like churches, squats, pubs, universities and concert halls throughout London, Cambridge, Oxford, York and Coventry. The duo has also expressed itself through and in collaboration with other artistic disciplines such as video, painting and physical theatre. Their work with Bottlefed involved the continuation of the development of ‘Hold Me Until You Break’ as both a performance and as an installation.

Fabian Kalker (DE)
Fabian first worked with Bottlefed on ‘Hold Me Until You Break’, collaborating with us in Berlin as part of our award-winning performance at Sophiensaele in 2010. Fabian is currently part of the core artistic team of our latest piece in process ‘Pure Pleasure Seekers’.

Andreas Schärer (CH)
This Switzerland-based voice artist first worked and performed with us as part of  ‘Der Schachspieler’ at Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchatel, and subsequently organised for the piece to be invited to the festival Jazzwerkstatt Berne in February 2011.

Eirik Minde (NO)
Eirik is the lead organiser and our main partner of both Operation Powervlott projects in Bergen & Askoy. He has performed, jammed and led workshops with Bottlefed both in Norway and in the UK.

Philipp M Moll
Philipp is a graduate of Bass School Munich (Diploma), LIPA (BA Hons) and the Royal Northern College Of Music (MMus). The Austrian born freelance musician lives in London, where he joyfully jumps back and forth between his occupation as bassist-in-demand and producer for his electronic project KillerFernandez. Philipp has been collaborating with Bottlefed since 2003 when he wrote and performed the score to ‘Eleggua’. Together with fellow musician & producer Adam Skinner, he co-wrote the soundtrack to ‘Camille’ and was responsible for the music of ‘Return to Reason’. He is currently working with Bottlefed as part of Kobayashi (see above).

Adam Skinner (UK)
London-based composer/producer Adam has collaborated with Bottlefed both as a performer and composer on both Eleggua & Return to Reason, and regularly provides his musical services for our promotional videos.

Asmund Skuterud (NO)
Asmund first worked with us as part of PURE in 2001, where he was responsible for the score and production of the entire music. Based in Oslo, we regularly partner up with him when we are in Norway, with future plans including a collaborative performance as part of his successful multidisciplinary night ‘Koéju @ Bla’. 

Manu Delago (UK/AT)
Björk-collaborator and internationally acclaimed Hang-player Manu, has collaborated with us on several occasions throughout the past years both in the UK and abroad. September 2011 will see us partnering up again to perform ‘Hold Me Until You Break’ in London at the Brunel Museum’s unique tunnel shaft where Manu will be playing the Hang drums.


Joe Bates
Production Management
Freelance dance administrator/manager Joe, innitially joined Bottlefed in 2004 as a performer to work on ‘Camille’. He temporarily took on the role of Bottlefed’s education administrator being responsible for booking and management of Bottlefed workshops. He currently works for Bottlefed as a freelance production manager, having worked on ‘Camille’ at the LOST Theatre festival and at The Space.

Michael Macher
Graphic Designer
Micha has been designing for Bottlefed since 2002 and is responsible for the graphic design of all of Bottlefed’s marketing material and corporate design guidelines.

Luke Redfern-Hunt
Stage and Costume Designer
Luke designed the set and costumes for Camille. He has designed plays at the Soho Theatre (London), Library Theatre (Birmingham) and at the Royal Exchange (Manchester). In 2001, Luke was awarded the Linbury Prize for Stage Design Commission with the Soho Theatre Company on Jump Mr Malinoff, Jump.

Mattia Zoppellaro
Mattia is an Italian photographer who has been responsible for taking pictures of us, both for ‘Return to Reason’ as well as for company promotion. Mattia studied photography at the Design European Institute in Milan. After two years experience at Fabrica (the research centre of communication of the Benetton group) he moved to London, where he still lives, in 2003. His work has been published in: Rolling Stone, Photo, Tank, GQ, El País Semanal, XL and Specchio to name but a few.

Robin Bhattacharya
Film Maker
Causing trouble since 1981, Robin is a Swiss-born writer, artist and filmmaker based in East London. He collaborated with us through our process of ‘Retour a la Raison’ and ‘Return to Reason’, filming rehearsals, performances and company portraits for our promotional material.